Registration for 2017 is now closed. All participating sites must have all Quality and Improvement Activities data entered by Jan 18, 2018.

2017 MIPS Reporting Solution - Enrollment Portal Login

If you are eligible to participate in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) you can still earn up to a 4% bonus. The CAP with our registry partner, FIGmd has developed a solution for pathologists to fully comply with MIPS for 2017 reporting—for free.
If you participated in the CAP 2017 MIPS Reporting Solution, please contact your FIGmd client account manager (CAM) to let them know you’d like to participate in the CAP Pathologists Quality Registry for 2018. Your CAM will then facilitate the migration of your information from the 2017 MIPS Reporting Solution enrollment portal to the Pathologists Quality Registry enrollment portal.​

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